How do YOU do Dinner Ladies?

How do YOU do Dinner Ladies?

We know you love clever hacks and the little extras that turn every meal into something special. So here’s our easiest-ever shopping list of simple pantry staples to whip up a dinnertime feast, whatever’s arrived in your DL delivery box. Copy it into your phone and keep that cupboard stocked. There’s nothing much that will age quickly, and it’ll help you feed the whole family – however fussy or oddly vegie averse – plus any friends that drop by, with variations on the same DL meal.



For the spice lovers at the table, add sriracha or other chilli sauce for extra heat.
Turn a couple of DL dishes into an instant curry feast with bowls of mango chutney, lime pickle, fresh lime or lemon wedges, a pan of basmati rice, naan bread microwaved from the freezer, natural yoghurt, microwave pappadums and a few serves of our coconut rice.

Keep spinach cubes and peas in the freezer to throw into a curry as it reheats – that’s your greens done!
If you grow herbs, keep coriander and parsley, frozen and crumbled, in a ziplock bag in the freezer for sprinkling as you reheat.

EXCELLENT WITH: Butter chicken, Lamb roghan josh, Tarka dahl; Eggplant in the Lake Palace style



Once again, if you like things spicier, add sriracha chilli sauce for the table.

Sprinkle stir-fries and Asian curries with fried shallots and chopped toasted peanuts, sesame seeds plus fresh bean sprouts and lime or lemon wedges if you have them. 

Keep basmati rice, and dried udon and rice noodles in the pantry for serving.
If you grow herbs, keep coriander and mint, frozen and crumbled, in a ziplock bag in the freezer for sprinkling as you reheat.

EXCELLENT WITH: Satay chicken; Marinated salmon with lemongrass and ginger; Vietnamese caramel and lemongrass chicken; Thai chicken curry; Chilli jam chicken



Always have packs of your favourite dried pasta in the pantry, but when you have time and you know you have a DL pasta sauce ready to heat up, turn it into a special meal by picking up some silky fresh pasta noodles on the way home.

If you have a bag of fresh spinach leaves, toss through the cooked pasta as you drain it – no need to cook more than that; just wilt the leaves. (We always feel they’re better for you the less boiling they go through!)

Add fresh broccolini to any tray bake for extra vegies.

Always have a good block of Parmesan in your fridge for grating over pasta dishes. And good black pepper for grinding.
Buffalo mozzarella grated over lasagne or any pasta bake will take it to a higher level.

EXCELLENT WITH: Classic minestrone; chicken parmigiana; Italian meatballs with sweet tomato sauce; lasagne; ragu alla bolognese

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