New look, same heart

New look, same heart

It’s hard to believe it’s coming up for 17 years since Katherine and I first started kicking around ideas for the Dinner Ladies. I’d love to time-travel to 2007 and hear our first (ahem) robust discussions about the name for the business, to see Perry, Katherine’s husband, scrawling our logo on a paper napkin, and – shallow, perhaps - to marvel at our smooth, unlined brows with nary an injectible in sight. We had no notion we were creating a “brand”. In our minds, marketing was cooking delicious food that people wanted and caring about our customers. (To be honest, it still is.)
Perry’s logo – a heart stabbed through with a knife and fork, our name swirled around on an unfurling ribbon – perfectly encapsulated the new business: cooking from the heart, with a little bit of retro and a little bit of rock edge (okay, we were stay-at-home mums with lots of small children, but we could dream).

Time went by. Time flew! Our first real website was painstakingly, beautifully illustrated by Perry. It had no photos of food! Just a whole bunch of words from me (some things don’t change), hearts and flowers, doves and, my personal favourite, drawings of happy pigs and chickens, unaware of their impending doom.
Fast forward to 2024 and we’ve been through a heap of iterations of websites and van designs, of labels and food packaging. We’ve always been focused on improving usability, safety and quality – but overarching design and branding? Maybe not so much. A logo from here, a van design from there, packaging from down the track and a functional website that works but perhaps could better capture the original soul of the brand. 

Time for a change.  

There are those who think we’re just perfect as we are (thanks, Mum) but we think the time is right to shake things up a little, to give our beloved brand the unified look and feel that will take it forward into the next 17 years and beyond. We’ve been working with as nice a bunch of geniuses as you’re ever likely to find, at Universal Favourite, on distilling the essence of the Dinner Ladies and then allowing it to explode, in riotous colour, with all of the fun, delight and soul that we hope makes up the Dinner Ladies experience. But now with a more cohesive look and feel to bring us right up to today. (And still just a little bit of rock edge. We haven’t given up.) 

We can’t wait to share it all with you. Look Mum, we’ve got a brand!!! 
Sophie & Katherine,
The Dinner Ladies
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