3 ways with cookie dough!

3 ways with cookie dough!

Holiday baking doesn’t get much more fun than slicing up or rolling out our ready-made wholesome dough of brown sugar, golden syrup, toasty coconut, vanilla extract, flour, butter, eggs and Belgian chocolate.

What will you make with your dough? Teeny tiny cookies? Ice cream cookie sandwiches? Or a great big skillet of choc-chip cookie for the whole table to tuck into as dessert? 

Mini cookies

These are perfect for picnics, lunchboxes and after-school snacks.  

Preheat the oven to 160 C.

Roll the dough into small balls (about 1 teaspoon will give you a tiny cookie – or you could weigh out exact amounts if you’re the sort of person who likes them party perfect). Place on a paper-lined baking tray and flatten slightly.

Bake for 5–10 minutes, until just golden, keeping a close eye that they don’t overbrown. Cool on a rack before serving. 

Perfect as a treat when school goes back. For more school lunchbox ideas, check out our blog here.

Ice cream cookie sandwiches

These are perfect summer desserts at a barbecue or party. Have a production line going in the kitchen – older children can roll their own in the sprinkles.

Preheat the oven to 160 C.

Slice the cookie dough, following the instructions, to make around 18 cookies. Place on a paper-lined baking tray and cook for 17 minutes.

Cool on a rack or leave overnight until completely cold (or else the ice cream will melt!).

Place a scoop of ice cream on one cookie and sandwich with another. Fill all the cookie sandwiches in the same way.

Spread sprinkles onto a flat plate or baking tray and roll the edges of the ice cream sandwiches over them so they stick. Eat fast!

Giant skillet cookie

This is a cute two-spoons date-night dessert idea! Or a fun family pudding. Make with the kids before the school holidays end, and keep another pack in the freezer to bake on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

Preheat the oven to 180 C.

Grease a skillet (cast-iron frying pan) and press the whole slab of cookie dough evenly into it with your fingers. If you don’t have a skillet, use any ovenproof frying pan (not non-stick) and cover the handle with foil if necessary.

Bake for 15-20 minutes and then check your cookie. If you prefer a softer chewy cookie, if might be baked enough by now. If you like a crisp cookie, bake for another 5-10 minutes, but keep an eye on it (and remember dough will continue to cook in the hot skillet, even out of the oven).

Scoop ice cream over the top and serve immediately for everyone to tuck in. You could even add chocolate sauce for total indulgence. 

Tempted? Snap up our choc-chip cookie dough here!


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