When life gets busy
let us take care of dinner.


  • delivered to your door

  • minimal prep –
    maximum flavour


  • 1. We cook it

    With the same fresh, natural ingredients you use at home.

  • 2. We freeze it

    To snap-lock all that great flavour and nourishing goodness.

  • 3. You heat it

    Pop it in a pan, oven or microwave straight from the freezer or fridge.

  • 4. You eat it!

    A delicious home-cooked dinner from our kitchen to yours. 

Who are the Dinner Ladies?

We are Katherine Westwood and Sophie Gilliatt, and we love food!

We became friends at the school gate in 2007 and started cooking for time-poor friends and family so that they (and we!) could always enjoy a delicious home-made dinner, even when the day had bubbled out of control. When life gives us lemons, we like to make a drizzle cake! 

We cook real dinners from scratch, with the same fresh ingredients you use at home. Then we snap-freeze straight from the kitchen and deliver to your door. Dinner Ladies take away the stress of thinking about, shopping for and making dinner.