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what we do

We make dinners that taste like homemade (only kinda better) so that you don’t have to. We snap freeze them (more below) and deliver them to your home, ready for you to cook or reheat. Minimal fuss, prep, stress or time for maximum flavour and fun. 

What we don’t do: Unstack the dishwasher. Sorry about that. 

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how it works

  • We don’t know what we want to eat on Wednesday three weeks ahead – and we don’t expect you to! Order every week if you’d like – or just when you’re about to run out of meatballs! It’s entirely your choice.

  • Use filters to see the dishes that will work for you – or feast your eyes on the full menu. Some dishes will never disappear from the repertoire (hello lasagne, butter chicken and friends), others are more seasonal offerings.

  • Snap up any dish while you’re browsing – but there’s a lot of good info you might miss if you don’t click through from the photo: a full description, how to cook or heat it, allergens, nutritionals and what you’ll need to complete the meal.

  • Once you’ve placed your order, choose your delivery day. We’ll text you within 24 hours of your delivery time to give you an ETA. Once we’ve made the delivery, we’ll send another text with a photograph to show you exactly where we left it.

  • Oh happy day! Clear the freezer and whack on the oven. There will be feasting tonight!

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  • We love frozen food! (Just not processed food.) We know, we know… frozen food has had a bad rap but we are out and proud. Freezing is a genius way of preserving food without using artificial preservatives, excessive salt or weird numbers and letters. Processed food? No, thanks all the same. The best of home cooking that’s ready when you are? You’re very welcome. 

  • In the Dinner Ladies kitchens, we cook just as you do at home, with no emulsifiers, thickeners, colours or ingredients that would be out of place in your home kitchen. (NB, we always try to find “clean” versions of ingredients but some sauces, cheeses, etc, may already contain additives – we make it all very clear in the ingredients.)

  • We cook, we assemble, we snap freeze. Done. This perfect package of icy goodness then remains  fresh as the day it was made, flavour and nutrients locked in, till the moment you whip it out to the delight of family and friends.

  • But wait, there’s more! Frozen food has a long shelf-life (3-6 months for most of our dinners) so you can have a few dinners stashed away as insurance against whatever life throws at you, and use the rest day to day, without the waste of fresh perishable food when plans change. As they do.  

    And did we mention that a freezer full of amazing dinners makes you feel like a total boss??? 

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