No more boring work lunches!

No more boring work lunches!

Our superpower is to help you turn a Dinner Ladies menu item into an exciting workday lunch. Smash through the morning’s tasks with something to really look forward to, whatever your working day entails. Save time and money, leave the tins of tuna and boring sandwiches behind, and check out the ideas below.



We’ve 5 microwavable complete meals for one on the menu at the moment – easily found, in a neat little row, on our website. For anyone with a microwave (and a fork!) in the workplace these are perfect – light, easy and fully sealed to carry; ready to eat in minutes; super-convenient, delicious and nutritious.

If you have a favourite, stock up on a few – we love creating and cooking these for you, so we try to keep them changing regularly. With 5 on the menu now, you can take something different for every workday of the week. 

There are meat, chicken, seafood and vegetarian options – from Texan beef to pumpkin laksa to teriyaki chicken – spicy or comforting; with noodles, rice or sweet potato; lighter or more filling… Take your pick, literally! 

They’re around the same price as a café lunch and come in their own compostable tray that you can pop in the office recycling.

Oh how we love a rice paper roll! And there are a lot of DL dinners that can be deliciously rolled up in one! On the menu at the moment is turmeric chicken thighs with green chilli sauce – perfect! So you’re not stressed in the morning, make these the night before and keep in a sealed container in the fridge, ready to go.

Slice or shred the cooked turmeric chicken (dinner leftovers, if you’ve got any) and spread over your dunked rice paper. Add leftover shredded vegies – we used carrot and iceberg lettuce in ours – and spoon over a bit of that green chilli sauce. Roll up and go to work!


In our opinion, just the thought of lunchtime pie will always help you power through the morning!

Heat and have for dinner any of our menu favourite pies or pasta bakes (because that’s an Italian pie, sì?). Then, assuming there are leftovers, don’t just stand over the sink eating them in secret, but pop into a container and enjoy cold for lunch the next day. All you need is a fork (and maybe some sauce!)

Cost-effective, motivating and delicious!


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