Deliciously creepy!

Deliciously creepy!

Happy Halloween! The scariest dinnertime of the year is upon us! If you don’t have time for baking and creating from scratch, never fear! (Well, do fear a little bit… what would Halloween be without fear?!) Here are some easy ideas to whip up dinnertime horror from the Dinner Ladies menu.


Order any of our Dinner Ladies pasta sauces and serve with black squid-ink pasta. Gruesome squirming nests of skinny black spaghetti work particularly well with bolognese. If you can’t get squid ink pasta, you can always add drops of black food colouring to the cooking water of ordinary spaghetti.


Heat up any smooth Dinner Ladies soup and pour into bowls. Pour pure cream in concentric circles on top of each bowl. Run a skewer or chopstick through the cream from the middle to the outside, to drag the cream into a spider web. You could even add little black olive spiders to the web if you were feeling particularly creative!


Before baking our Chicken and roast vegetable pie, score a ghostly face in the puff pastry on top. Don’t cut all the way through, but just lift off a few layers of the pastry, so the face becomes visible as the pastry rises. Deliciously creepy!

 Searching for some more ghoulishly genius Halloween ideas to thrill the family? Find our recipes for Strawberry ghosts here; Redback spider mini pizzas here; and Severed finger buns here.



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