Our top picks - five family favourites

Our top picks - five family favourites

We reckon that, today, families come in all shapes and sizes, and we’re here to feed them all a deliciously home-made, conversation-starting, instantly bonding dinner! 

We love the definition: ‘a gathering together of those who share emotional bonds and common values, and care for each other’! 

So, if your family is you, your second cousin, a quirky flatmate, two schnauzers and a rude cockatiel, that sounds good to us. And we’re excited to make and deliver you an extra large lasagne! Scroll down for five fail-safe ways to feed your ‘family gathering’.

1. Lasagne

It has to be our most popular ‘family-friendly’ dinner ever… much better than roast lamb with Tom Cruise, we feel. So now we’re making our classic beef lasagne in XL size, for those evenings when word has spread that you’ve got a cheesy, beefy lasagne in the oven and the table’s a little more crowded than usual, or you have very hungry teenagers to feed!

2. Butter chicken

It’s the perfect ‘starter curry’ for those younger family members… mild and deliciously creamy, and ideal with a side order of Dinner Ladies coconut rice and dahl in the mix. A super-easy, no-planning-required, whole-family-pleasing feast. Tip in some spinach leaves or frozen peas and you’ve ticked every box going!

3. Chicken and roast vegetable pie

This one’s been on the menu since our earliest days, because it’s our families’ favourite. Chicken and roast vegies in a lemony tarragon sauce under butter puff pastry. Add buttery mashed potatoes and it becomes the favourite dinner they all crave when they (finally) leave home! Comes in a beefy version too… 

4. Cottage pie (available as vegetable cottage pie too –perfect for the modern ‘split omnivorian’ table!)

Beware comfort food so comforting you might never get them to leave the table! This started life as a Sunday night dinner in Sophie’s house and is true to her mother’s recipe. Arrives ready to be heated and browned to perfection in your oven before it’s dished up to groans of approval. Don’t limit it to Sunday nights.  

5. Spinach and ricotta lasagne

Another vegetarian favourite that the committed carnivores love. We make two fillings: slow-cooked tomato sauce and spinach-ricotta with basil and lemon zest. Then we layer them in fresh pasta and smooth Parmesan bechamel over the top, ready for you to brown until golden. An easy-peasy instant family pleaser.

It’s time to eat! Call your own particular family to the table… and enjoy!  

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