Severed Finger Buns

Severed Finger Buns

Haunted hotcakes, these are absolutely terrifying! (Although marginally less terrifying than trying to carve a pumpkin into a Jack O’Lantern – if anyone else has attempted that? We’re two good kitchen knives down and it still looks more like a basketball that’s been chewed by the dog.)

Halloween is traditionally when the ‘veil’ between the living and spirit worlds is thinnest, and all sorts of unnatural occurrences take place – like an unforgettable, once-a-year dinner of severed fingers in blood-splattered bread rolls.


Hot dog sausages (it’s best to buy the precooked sort that are ready to go. If they need cooking, do that after you’ve shaped them into fingers) 
Hot dog buns (one per sausage)
Tomato ketchup


I think the best thing we can offer here is, look at the picture and let your imagination run wild. Slice a flat arch shape from the top of each hot dog, to look like a fingernail. Make some cuts halfway down the hot dog and at the other end, for knuckles. 

Cook the hot dogs now, if you need to. 

Slice the buns in half, but not all the way through. 

Put the finger hot dogs in the buns and splatter ketchup blood artistically around. 

Serve to gasps of shock, horror and ghoulish excitement, depending on who you’re feeding!        

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