Dill-Cured Gravlax on Blini

Dill-Cured Gravlax on Blini

There are few things handier to have in the fridge over Christmas than a piece of gravlax – which is salmon that’s cured in sugar, salt and dill.

A European classic, using salt and sugar and loads of dill to gently "cook" the raw salmon, giving it a delicate, herby sweetness. Gravlax is simple to prepare but it does take a bit of time - and makes a mess. Best leave it to us, really. We make a curing rub out of sugar, salt, chopped dill and coarsely ground black pepper and use to coat tail pieces of Tasmanian salmon.

You can serve our gravlax with scrambled eggs, sourdough toast and Champagne as the perfect Christmas brunch or on crispbreads or blini with blob of horseradish-dill cream as a canapé.

Gather your essentials! Get your Dinner Ladies gravlax and a sharp sashimi knife.

Cut across into a manageable piece and then slice away.

Spread your blinis with horseradish cream, top with the sliced gravlax, a blob of beautiful salmon roe, and finally a sprig of dill.

Such a beautiful bite to have on Christmas morning – ideally with a glass of champagne.

PS. Gravlax freezes beautifully - with one or two in the freezer, you'll always be able to pull out something special at a moment's notice. (New Year's Eve will be with us before you know it - just saying).

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