Our Getaway Guide: The Secret to a Stress-Free Weekend Away

Our Getaway Guide: The Secret to a Stress-Free Weekend Away

Next time you’re planning a getaway, take us with you. Not literally, of course (although Dinner Ladies love a holiday and are striving not to be over-competitive at Monopoly) but a fully packed, deliciously stress-free box of prepared meals.
With the long weekend and school holidays approaching, and overseas jaunts a distant frivolous memory, let’s make the most of the national staycation. Whether you’re having family fun or a romantic getaway, up the coast or down the river, from Batemans Bay to Byron Bay, Sorrento to South West Rocks, the Blue Mountains to Hahndorf, we’re here with the holiday menu.
There are some people who approach a weekend trip with military precision. They pack bedding, stimulating reading matter and a capsule wardrobe for kayaking, campfires and Twister. And they have a spreadsheet for shopping, cooking and washing up. If that’s you: congratulations. We are in awe. (A little terrified, but still in awe.)

Meal Planning

If, like many of us, you’re still panic-packing doona covers as the car pulls away from the kerb, and arrive at your destination with a squashed loaf of bread and the bananas from the fruit bowl, then we’ve some menu-planning therapy. Relax your furrowed brow and leave the meals to us. Grab a pen and paper (we’re old-school) and work through the Dinner Ladies menu for however many days you’re away. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

Day 1

Lunch: Dinner Ladies pulled pork (buy rolls and packet slaw from the shops)
Dinner: Dinner Ladies chicken and roast vegetable pie with Dinner Ladies mash
Dessert: Dinner Ladies molten chocolate puddings

Day 2

Breakfast: Dinner Ladies sweet corn and haloumi fritters 
Lunch: Your favourite Dinner Ladies soup
Afternoon tea after a long bracing walk: Dinner Ladies sausage rolls (take tomato sauce)
Dinner: Dinner Ladies satay chicken with Dinner Ladies coconut rice

Day 3

Breakfast: Dinner Ladies family fried rice (the best hangover cure - with an omelette or eggs sunny side up)
Lunch: Dinner Ladies ragu alla Bolonese with spaghetti
Dinner: Dinner Ladies butter chicken and Dinner Ladies tarka dahl (or make a full curry night feast - find out how here)

Shopping List

This box of goodies makes your holiday shopping list embarrassingly easy, of course. Almost like cheating. A bag of rocket or baby spinach always comes in handy, lemons are a must, eggs, some rice, pasta and (unsquashed) bread rolls, packet slaw, maybe ice cream for the puddings, and don’t forget the wine.

From The Dinner Ladies

Pulled pork with barbecue sauce
Chicken and roast vegetable pie
Buttered mashed potato
Molten chocolate puddings
Sweet corn & haloumi fritter mix
Your favourite soup
Sausage rolls
Satay chicken
Coconut rice
Family fried rice
Ragu alla Bolognese
Butter chicken
Tarka dahl

From the shops

Bread rolls
Packet slaw
Spaghetti or any other pasta shape you prefer
Basmati rice or naan for your curries
Baby spinach for side salads or to throw into the butter chicken
Don't forget the wine!

Do we deliver to your holiday home?

And – in a spark of true genius – how about getting your box of meals delivered directly to a holiday house? Check here for delivery areas where you’re going. If that doesn’t work out, just take the whole box with you, icepack and all.
And, look on the bright side – you wouldn’t have been able to get all that delivered if you were holidaying in Ubud or Ulaanbaatar, would you?

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