Meet Josh, our Head Chef

Meet Josh, our Head Chef

If you have a favourite Dinner Ladies dish that you look forward to seeing on the menu, then Josh is one of the people to thank. He’s been Head Chef at the Dinner Ladies for over six years now – and a chef for going on 18 years, so this is a man with lots of food experience. Josh works hard making sure our seasonal specials and favourites taste delicious, he runs the kitchens and makes sure all the right ingredients are ordered and delivered. He’s always been passionate about food and passionate about people, and enjoys the produce side of food – where it comes from and how it’s grown. Josh has an edible permaculture garden at home, so, as well as being talented with a wooden spoon, he’s also got green fingers.

Josh, how has the pandemic affected you at work?

Covid has definitely been my biggest challenge since I started working at the Dinner Ladies, as I’m sure it has been for everyone else. People have needed a lot of homemade meals delivering during lockdown, so handling the sudden growth in business while maintaining our high quality standards has been the trickiest task. Making sure there’s enough food available for all our customers, and running separate staff shifts so we can keep working in a worst-case scenario, has been an organisational challenge. Thankfully, we are able to keep working and help keep people safe by giving them the option to stay at home and have meals delivered.

What’s the best thing about working at the Dinner Ladies?

Being a family man, I really enjoy that the Dinner Ladies has maintained such a close-knit family feel, even as the business grows. Sophie and Katherine came to my wedding and have seen me become a father. I also enjoy the new challenges that every workday brings – coordinating the teams, the workflow and the stock that comes in and out of the kitchens. When it’s all running in tune it’s like our own little symphony – a symphony we can all feel proud of.  

What’s your most-loved Dinner Ladies dish?

How is it fair to ask me to choose just one? The new meatballs and gnocchi bake is a big winner for me. But our lasagna and satay chicken are also great flavour-filled dishes that I love.

Anything exciting coming up on the menu?

Of course! We’re working on sticky Asian-style lamb shanks and a lemon syrup cake that are delicious! Hopefully, they’ll be appearing on next month’s seasonal menu. 

What are your favourite noodles?

Egg noodles would have to at the top of my list. You can find lots more about noodles here.

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