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Meal Delivery in Melbourne

It's hard to beat the thriving food scene in Melbourne, but when life gets busy or when you can't be bothered heading out to your go-to wine bar or restaurant, The Dinner Ladies are here for you. 

We know it's hard to juggle it all! Finding the right work-life balance, seeking out quality time with your friends or family, or just gunning for well-deserved me-time... it all becomes a little bit easier with The Dinner Ladies. It's stress-free and saves you from having to shop, chop, and cook dinner.

Why choose The Dinner Ladies meal delivery in Melbourne?

The Dinner Ladies deliver delicious, homemade meals to your door. The prepared meals are cooked with love, from scratch, using the best possible ingredients and no rubbish. There’s no waste, no prep, no stress!

So how does it work? 

Ordering is easy. There are no lock-in contracts or subscriptions and there is a lot of variety. We cook a changing menu of new seasonal Specials every week and we send our weekly menu on Monday mornings. But we also have permanent Favourites meal range that is always available.

Some of the home cooked meals come fully prepared and just need reheating in the microwave or warming up in a pan. With other dishes, you might need to finish off, cook or assemble the meal.

Ready Made Meal Delivery in Melbourne

The Dinner Ladies deliver across Melbourne metro homes (and beyond!) - on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday every week.

To see if we deliver to you as well as delivery days and prices, enter your postcode on our Delivery Info page here.

Browse Our Ready Made Meals

We cook real dinners, using real ingredients and snap-freeze them as soon as they’re made. It’s the oldest form of preservation and means all Dinner Ladies meals avoid preservatives and additives. Most dishes have a shelf-life of six months.

With a comprehensive range of dinners, from vegetarian and plant-based dishes to toddler-friendly meals, the Dinner Ladies menu is a celebration of food that tastes like home - intended to be shared around the family table.

You can treat the Dinner Ladies range of prepared dinners as an a la carte menu - there are no subscriptions! You just choose what you want to eat.

Explore this week's menu here and order now to get your delicious dinner delivery in Melbourne.

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