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Why Frozen?

Delicious Frozen Meals Delivered Straight to Your Door

Looking for frozen ready meals delivered to your door? We cook real dinners using real ingredients and snap-freeze them as soon as they're made. So if you're thinking about stocking your home with ready to go meals, ordering frozen food online, we've got you covered! Our frozen prepared meal delivery will help you save you time and effort so you can do the things you enjoy most…

Our Frozen Food Delivery Makes Life Easier

There are many benefits of choosing frozen dinners delivered to your door over fresh ones. In fact, freezing is one of the oldest methods of preserving food- it's safe and hygienic, locks in flavour and nutrients, and gives food a long shelf-life (meaning zero waste).

A lot of our dinners can be cooked straight out of the freezer, still frozen. Others are best defrosted first – that info will always be on the website and label. Simply defrost them overnight in the fridge. Our frozen meal service takes all the guesswork out of cooking your favourite dinners each week. Say goodbye to dirty pots and pans when you choose our frozen home-cooked meals that are delivered, as there is little to no clean-up required.

All our meals that are frozen and delivered to you, benefit from a little love before serving. Taste and add extra seasoning. Sprinkle with herbs or chopped chilli. Stir in some baby spinach leaves. Add a squeeze of lemon or a splash of olive oil. Make it your own. Enjoy your dinner! Our frozen meal delivery in Brisbane and our frozen meal delivery in Adelaide suits a range of budgets and dietary requirements. Take a look at our menu to see all our dinner options and monthly specials now!

Our Healthy Frozen Meals Are Delivered Fresh to Your Home

Because snap-freezing is such a successful way to keep food fresh, we're able to make our dinners without any added preservatives, colours, or stabilisers. (We'd love to label our food 'preservative free' because we don't add any, but we're using the same ingredients you may have at home and some, such as sauces and cheese that may already have preservatives in them.) Our ready-made frozen meals are delivered to your location in an insulated cardboard box with an icepack, so you can rest assured that your pre-cooked frozen meals that are delivered will remain fresh for a few hours after drop-off.

We love that when you defrost your Dinner Ladies dinner, it's as fresh and delicious as the day we cooked it! We provide the best frozen meal delivery service that is second to none. Our freezer meals are delivered across Australian cities at affordable prices that won't break the bank. So if you're after frozen meal delivery in Sydney or frozen meal delivery in Melbourne, look no further! We offer a variety of nutritious dinners that are easy to store and prepare.