Calling all Dinner Ladies

We’re looking for kitchen collaborators and fritter-fans to join us – no oven gloves required. Learn how you can feed friends and influence people!!

We’ve been cooking delicious, wholesome, hassle-free food for busy families since 2007. Join us today and we’ll deliver dinner to your hungry friends. 

Become a Dinner Ladies affiliate by clicking the link above. The moment you’re approved we’ll give you a 50% discount on your order. Yes, that’s your box of dinners for half price!

Pop your DL dinners on your Insta or Facebook page – get creative and enjoy your food-styling (at least move the cat away from the plate!). Maybe write a review. We’ll give you a unique discount code for friends to use when they order.

For every new customer who orders, they get a 10% discount and YOU earn 5% commission on the total sale. Everyone’s a winner winner (chicken dinner).