Two Ways to Glaze Your Ham

Two Ways to Glaze Your Ham

At The Dinner Ladies, we love ham!  It makes the most spectacular festive centrepiece, so getting the glazing right is all part of the fun. 

Do you prefer the more traditional diamond-shaped pattern or the more contemporary parallel lines on your ham? Sophie and Katherine show you how to do both.

It can be a bit of a fiddle getting the skin off, but use your fingertips rather than a knife. Once the skin is off, it's time to score.

You can go for more traditional diamond-shaped criss-cross lines when scoring - plus studded cloves. Or try a more modern version with parallel lines. Then brush on the glaze - and if you've got cloves, you can dab the glaze on so that the cloves don't pull off in the process.

If you have the hock end of the ham (or the full shebang), adding a bit of decoration to the hock will add that extra festive touch. Try a hessian ribbon or a cinnamon stick wound up in your string, then poke through some bay leaves.

It just shrieks Christmas.

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