Great Balls of Stuffing

Great Balls of Stuffing

Don’t you reckon with stuffing the best bits are the crunchy bits on top or even the bits that get stuck on the corners? We’re going to make our stuffing into balls so that we get crunchy bits all over.

Our pork, cranberry and pistachio stuffing is herby and crunchy, with sweetness from apple and cranberry and savouriness from pork, bacon and pistachios. The heart of our stuffing is good, day-old, homemade sourdough breadcrumbs. To this backdrop, we add cooked down onions, apple, bacon and nicely fatty pork mince (hey, it's Christmas!). We stir through lemon zest, cranberries, pistachios and loads of parsley and sage and dish it up for baking.

So, ready to make this stuffing into balls?

Take the stuffing and squidge it into balls - pretty hard because we want it to stick together. They should be around golf ball sized.

After 25 minutes in a hot oven, they’re brown and crusty on the outside, squidgy in the middle and totes amazeballs.

PS. We also have plant-based stuffing balls on the menu, if you or any of your guests are vego.

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