Coriander-Jalapeno Salsa

Coriander-Jalapeno Salsa

It's often the bits on the side that make a dish - the condiments, the relishes, the salsas. This gorgeous green number has just the right level of piquancy and comes together in seconds. You'll find a million and one uses for it - use it for dunking an empanada, drizzle it in a taco, dollop it on a bowl of chilli. If you pulse-chop it coarsely so that it still has a chunky texture, you can even fold it through smashed avocado for an instant, cheaty guacamole.


1 bunch coriander, roots removed
2 heaped tbs pickled jalapenos
2 cloves of garlic, peeled
Juice of 1 lime
60ml olive oil
Good pinch of salt


Put everything in a tall, straight-sided container, poke in your stick blender and blitz away. Pulse chop briefly for a chunkier texture or keep on going for a smooth, emulsified sauce. Taste for seasoning - you may want to add more lime juice or salt.

Serve with everything.

Try with our quesadillas or dunk into our empanadas - all on the Favourites menu here.

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