We cook real dinners, using real ingredients and snap-freeze them as soon as they’re made.

  • It’s safe and hygienic
  • It locks in flavour and nutrients
  • It gives food a long shelf-life which means zero waste
  • Having a freezer full of fabulous food makes you feel like a total boss.

Freezing is the best, oldest form of preservation there is. It’s why we’re able to make our food with no preservatives or any other weird additives.

There’s a lot of “fresh” food out there sitting on grocery shelves that is over-processed and full of additives. Or else it’s natural but more tired and weepy than fresh. We’d rather that when you defrost your dinner, it’s as fresh as the day it was made – because it is!

A lot of our dinners can be cooked straight from frozen. Others are better defrosted first – that info will always be on the website and label. If you are an organised sort of person, you can defrost overnight in the fridge but if, like us, life sometimes gets the better of you, you can defrost most of our dinners quickly in a basin of room temperature water. The important thing is then to finish the reheating or cooking process within 2 hours and always heat food to a safe, piping hot 70C.

And the final thing we’d like to say is that all dinners, whether fresh or frozen, benefit from a little love before serving. Taste and add extra seasoning. Sprinkle with herbs or chopped chilli. Add a squeeze of lemon or a splash of olive oil. Make it your own. And enjoy your dinners!

See more from our customers
  • "You truly are angels, there's nights we would have been eating cereal for dinner if not for our DL stash in the freezer!"
  • "The food is so fresh and nice and there's so much variety - it's like being young again and eating at my mate's mum's house. I'm a single bloke who can't cook to save himself and run a crazy, time-consuming business – you're the best find ever!"
  • "Your food has absolutely saved our lives - we have a newborn and were given a few of your vouchers and have not stopped ordering since. SO SO delicious and the changing menu each week is wonderful."
  • "I am really happy to have found the Dinner Ladies and it's made a big difference - best of all the kids love the meals! They're used to healthy home-made meals and are very fussy so I am thrilled to bits."
  • "I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the beautiful dinners you've been cooking me for a couple of years now. You've got me through some very tough times - thank you for taking such great care of me and long may you reign!"
  • "We are loving your dishes and I am loving the fact that I can feed my family something which tastes as if it has been made with love."
  • "You have helped add sanity to the evening meal preparation after a long day at work. Your meals are of such high quality that I don't feel guilty eating or serving them."
  • "I can now spend time with my children in the afternoons not planning nutritious meals and running around shopping and then chopping and cutting it all up in the kitchen! You are legends and the best part is, the food is delicious too!"
  • "You really have changed my life. No longer do I pay for over-priced, unhealthy takeaway food as I have always got your beautiful home cooking on hand. I can't tell you how much time and stress you've saved me."
  • "We have a very busy household of six and it's great not to have to think about what I'm going to cook for the week. The quality is excellent and the biggest bonus is not having the clean-up at the end!"
  • "Love your work, ladies!"