Meet Wilson

Meet Wilson

Wilson’s our warehouse manager and we’re lucky to have had him with us for over a decade. He tried out loads of roles before settling in the warehouse, so he’s experienced in all areas of Dinner Ladies business. Wilson is a keen market-goer and really knows his veg! He’s full of ideas to share with Josh, our Head Chef, about what’s in season, what’s good value, and what’s produced locally. That makes him a great person to have in the warehouse, quality-checking the ingredients that arrive for us to cook with.

Wilson, where did you grow up?

I was born in China, then studied here in Australia. I had my family here – I have two kids.

Tell us about what you do at Dinner Ladies. 

I’m very lucky to have worked with Katherine and Sophie since the company first began. They were like family to me, giving me great help and advice when I needed it. I’ve worked my way through many departments, being a cleaner, kitchen hand, packer and a delivery driver. Now my main work is in the warehouse… I check the quality of the ingredients that are delivered, and check the inventories for packages and help load delivery boxes for couriers.

What’s the best bit of your job?

Pre-COVID, I loved going to market three times a week, checking out the best new fruit and vegetables for dishes to go on the seasonal menus, and looking for super-fresh Asian greens such as baby bok choy and choy sum.

Your favourite Dinner Ladies dish ever? 

It's definitely my original recipe, Wilson’s soy-braised pork belly! It’s not been on the menu for a while and I’m starting to miss it now! But the Thai chicken, slow-cooked lamb shanks 
and Vietnamese caramel and lemongrass chicken are also good.

Are you a good cook? What do you make at home?

I'm good at cooking, and I enjoy it very much. My favourite dish is beer duck. The Chinese dishes I usually cook at home are scrambled eggs with tomato, mixed vegetables with oyster sauce and stir-fried beef with double chili. Next time we have an Asian foods special menu, I’m happy to share my recipes!

What would be your dream job if you weren’t at Dinner Ladies.

I always wanted to sail the oceans and explore the world when I was younger, so being a sailor would’ve been my dream job.

How has the pandemic affected your work day?

All different people and industries in the world are affected, and we are no exception. There are huge delays in global shipping, so the original two-month journey of our aluminium trays now takes five months! And the price of sea freight has risen astronomically. Fortunately, we’re continuing to help people who need food delivered to their homes, and I'm proud of that.

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