Katherine's 28 Day Body Blitz

Katherine's 28 Day Body Blitz

There is nothing quite as motivating as the prospect of public humiliation - so I've decided to share my February 28 day body blitz.

I know myself - me being Dinner Lady Katherine - well enough by now to be sure that I will never be able to live a life of unbroken virtue - there is just too much wine to be drunk, yummy stuff to eat and Netflix to binge on.  I'll never be able to renounce bread, or cake, or beer - but I can have a little rest from it all, and kick-start a stronger, fitter me.

So for 28 days, I am going to eat only moderate portions of healthy food. I'm going to give up all junk food, sugar and white carbohydrates, and exercise every day.  I've joined an outdoor training group called GRIFFIT as I know I'll be hopeless left to my own devices with exercise - and crucially, I'm going on the wagon for the 28 days.

To start, I've measured my height (177cm), weight (75.3 kgs), percentage fat (24.9%) and percentage muscle (28.6%).  I'll have a weigh in at the end to see what sort of an impact this regime will have.  I'm also setting myself a personal goal of getting back into an old favourite dress, pictured here!

Yikes.  Wish me luck.  And misery love company - so if any of you are doing anything similar, I'd love to hear about it on our Dinner Ladies Facebook page, where I'll be sharing my trials and tribulations.

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