Q:Do I need to open an account?
A:No! Simply start browsing or shopping. We'll ask you for all the information we need when you've added items to your basket and have reached the checkout page.
Q:Can I add additional items to an existing order?
A:Yes! Just go onto the site, log into your account and choose the same delivery slot before ordering the additional item/s. The system will recognise that you already have an order so we won't charge you again for shipping and will make sure your items are packed together. If your original slot does not appear, unfortunately you've missed the cut off to add to the order.
Q:Can I cancel my order?
A:If you need to cancel your order, please call the office on 02 8310 6508. If the cut-off has not yet passed, we can cancel the order for you and return the credit to either your Dinner Ladies account or credit card. However if the cut-off has already passed, and the order has been packed and is currently in transit with the courier, unfortunately we are unable to cancel an order.
Q:Do I need to sign a contract or commit to weekly orders?
A:No! There’s no lock-in contract and you can place orders as frequently as you’d like.
Q:How do I find out if you deliver to my suburb and When?
A:Just click on the Delivery Info button on the home page and you’ll find out everything you need to know.
Q:Can I get an ETA?
A:Yes! But our service differs depending on your location.
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Q:What if I won't be home to take delivery?
A:You don't need to be home but you do need to nominate a safe place to leave your delivery. The drivers will do their best to follow your instructions so please be as specific as you can. We pack your dinners in an insulated box with a gel icepack and they should stay safely frozen on your doorstep for a couple of hours.
Q:What do I do with the box, insulation and icepack?
A:The cardboard box can be put into your curbside recycling. The insulation is biodegradable and can go in the compost bin or use on the garden as mulch. And cats love it! If you can't re-use the gel icepack, the contents can be mixed in with soil in pot plants or the garden to help retain water.
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Q:Are your meat suppliers halal?
A:Yes, all our lamb, beef and poultry is halal certified.
Q:Are the oven temperatures given for fan-forced or convection oven?
Q:Do you cater for special dietary needs?
A:We try to have something for everyone but would warn customers that we are not an allergen free kitchen. You can sort by recipes excluding any of the nine major allergens. For other allergies and intolerances – for example, garlic or onion – you are always safest clicking on the "more info" button and checking the ingredients of the dish.
See more from our customers
  • "You truly are angels, there's nights we would have been eating cereal for dinner if not for our DL stash in the freezer!"
  • "The food is so fresh and nice and there's so much variety - it's like being young again and eating at my mate's mum's house. I'm a single bloke who can't cook to save himself and run a crazy, time-consuming business – you're the best find ever!"
  • "Your food has absolutely saved our lives - we have a newborn and were given a few of your vouchers and have not stopped ordering since. SO SO delicious and the changing menu each week is wonderful."
  • "I am really happy to have found the Dinner Ladies and it's made a big difference - best of all the kids love the meals! They're used to healthy home-made meals and are very fussy so I am thrilled to bits."
  • "I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the beautiful dinners you've been cooking me for a couple of years now. You've got me through some very tough times - thank you for taking such great care of me and long may you reign!"
  • "We are loving your dishes and I am loving the fact that I can feed my family something which tastes as if it has been made with love."
  • "You have helped add sanity to the evening meal preparation after a long day at work. Your meals are of such high quality that I don't feel guilty eating or serving them."
  • "I can now spend time with my children in the afternoons not planning nutritious meals and running around shopping and then chopping and cutting it all up in the kitchen! You are legends and the best part is, the food is delicious too!"
  • "You really have changed my life. No longer do I pay for over-priced, unhealthy takeaway food as I have always got your beautiful home cooking on hand. I can't tell you how much time and stress you've saved me."
  • "We have a very busy household of six and it's great not to have to think about what I'm going to cook for the week. The quality is excellent and the biggest bonus is not having the clean-up at the end!"
  • "Love your work, ladies!"