Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a proper Christmas pudding, brought flaming to the table to everyone's delight and alarm. This is a slightly lighter than usual pudding - it's still dark and (creepy word warning here) moist but without the donk-you-over-the-head booziness of some. We soak the dried fruit in Aussie liqueur muscat (aka Christmas pudding in a bottle) but skip the brandy - feel free to pour some over your pudding if you'd like it more overtly groggy. The other departure from tradition is that our puddings don't contain dried peel - there are enough peel-haters in our families to make its inclusion too contentious on what should be a day of peace and harmony. But in every other respect, this is a good, old-fashioned pudding, full of dried fruit, cinnamon and cloves, bound with breadcrumbs, brown sugar and butter. We slowly steam them for 5 hours, then let them mature in the coolroom.
Currants, sultanas, prunes, liqueur muscat, plain flour, breadcrumbs, butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, cloves, baking powder, lemon zest, eggs, Granny Smith apples, honey, olive oil.
Gluten, Dairy, Egg.
Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Shellfish, Fish, Sesame, Soy, Lupin.
While we make every effort to ensure dishes are free of cross-contamination, our kitchen is not allergen free.
FAT TOTAL10.4g83g
- SATURATED5.7g45.3g
- SUGARS27.7g221.9g
Serves 8-10.

Serve with brandy butter, custard or ice cream.


To reheat: pop the pudding in its basin, with its lid on, into a saucepan of hot water and leave to simmer gently for two hours - it's pretty forgiving if it needs to sit around for longer.  Turn out of its basin onto a plate and flame with brandy if you'd like - or, for a less boozy version, serve with a sparkler. Serve with brandy butter, custard or ice cream. 

Christmas puddings will last indefinitely in the fridge!