We tried, we really did, to bring down the cost of this lovely log of choc chip goodness. But we just weren't prepared to compromise on the ingredients. These dark chocolate chips are made from the best Belgian chocolate and you'd be equally happy eating them by the handful (ahem, not that we'd know) as using them in a biscuit. And oh my goodness! The vanilla extract we use is $79 a bottle! But the alternative just tasted of sweet, artificial alcohol and didn't even come with a cocktail umbrella! And of course, free-range eggs are non-negotiable. So we're sticking with quality and have upped the price a bit. We reckon you'll think it's worth it.

So other than the magnificent ingredients, we make this mixture exactly as you would at home - there are no weird preservatives or numbers, just butter and sugar, creamed with vanilla and mixed with free-range eggs, flour, coconut and choc-chips. We then roll the mix into logs, wrap them in baking paper (which you can use when you bake them) and freeze the logs. 

Self-raising flour, butter, free-range eggs, brown sugar, golden syrup, vanilla extract, desiccated coconut, dark chocolate chips, salt.
Gluten, Dairy, Soy, Egg.
Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Shellfish, Fish, Sesame, Lupin.
While we make every effort to ensure dishes are free of cross-contamination, our kitchen is not allergen free.
FAT TOTAL22.2g9g
- SATURATED15.5g6.0g
- SUGARS21g8.5g
  • Individual:Serves one adult.
  • Small:Serves two adults.
  • Large:Serves 4-5 adults.
  • Extra Large:Serves 6 adults.
A glass of milk! You could also make bigger cookies of approximately 8-10cm diameter and sandwich them in pairs with softened vanilla ice-cream for dessert.

PLEASE NOTE: this mixture is raw and should be cooked before consumption.

The simplest way to make the biscuits is to slice off rounds of about 1cm thickness and flatten them on a baking-paper lined oven tray. You can do this straight from the freezer, though some cookies may shatter - just press them back together if they do - or defrost first.

Bake in a preheated 160C oven for 14 (from defrosted) to 17 minutes (from frozen) or until cookies are golden.  Allow to cool and harden before removing to a rack to come to room temperature. Makes 18 cookies, depending on size.

DEFROST INFORMATION: may be defrosted overnight in the fridge or cooked from frozen.