This is both a simple and complex process - simple, in that the only two ingredients are free-range chicken breast fillets and salt; complex, in that the method relies on precise temperature and timing to achieve a perfectly tender and succulent result. Sous-vide means vacuum-sealed, and this chicken is seasoned and vacuum-sealed before slow-cooking. Please note: because the chicken is cooked at a lower temperature for longer, it may have a pink tinge - this doesn't mean that it's undercooked!
Free-range chicken breast fillets, salt.
Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Gluten, Dairy, Shellfish, Fish, Sesame, Soy, Egg, Lupin.
While we make every effort to ensure dishes are free of cross-contamination, our kitchen is not allergen free.
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  • Individual:Serves one adult.
  • Small:Serves two adults.
  • Large:Serves 4-5 adults.
  • Extra Large:Serves 6 adults.

Shred and serve in any salad or dice and mix with mayo, lemon zest, toasted almonds, chopped spring onion and parsley for the ultimate sandwich filling.

For a quick Asian chicken soup, heat some of our homemade chicken stock, flavour it with hoisin, soy or fish sauce and drop in cooked noodles, blanched chopped Asian greens and sliced sous-vide chicken breast till just heated through. Serve with chilli sauce and herbs.

Please note that this product has been fully cooked using the sous-vide method.  This results in a slightly pink appearance and excess juice.

Open the packet (pour off any liquid) and shred the chicken into a salad or use in sandwiches and wraps. If you'd like to heat your chicken, do so in the packet in very hot tap water for ten minutes - if you cook it again in a pan or oven, you'll lose the tenderness that the sous vide method imparts.

Defrost information: defrost overnight in the fridge or in room temperature water in a sink. If using the quick defrost method, make sure you use the chicken within two hours of defrosting.