Bang Bang Salad with Leftover Christmas Turkey

Bang Bang Salad with Leftover Christmas Turkey

Nigella Lawson’s idea of using the leftover turkey, shredded, in an Asian salad is a good one for waking up jaded post-feasting appetites. This sauce is so delicious. It's not hard to make but the ingredients - chilli bean sauce and Chinese black vinegar along with more prosaic peanut butter and soy sauce - aren't all that easy to find. We whiz them all together, making sure there's a good balance of nuttiness, tang, sweetness, and heat, thin it to a thick dressing consistency.

This is a very loose, adaptable salad - use whatever salad vegetables you have to hand. 

Make sure you take the bang bang sauce out of the fridge half an hour before use to soften.

Ideally, you'd have some cucumber, shredded lettuce or cabbage, spring onions and sprigs of coriander, but really, it's whatever has survived the Christmas onslaught at the bottom of the salad drawer.

Shred your turkey and toss through with some bang bang sauce. Toss the prepared salad veg with a bit more of the sauce, strew it with artful abandon on a platter and arrange the dressed turkey on top.

Some noodles or rice as a base will make the dish go further or dish it up, as is, as a light, satisfying lunch or supper on its own. 

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