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Monday 09 October 2017
Pulled pork just got more irresistible with a sticky Asian marinade. This is a brilliantly versatile dish - use it to fill rice paper rolls or Chinese-style puffy omelettes or, as we do, stuff it in a baguette with pickled vegetables, a squiggle of sriracha chilli sauce and some mayo for a sort of easy banh mi. If you have leftovers, you could toss them through cooked hokkien noodles with steamed Asian greens, chopped into bite-sized pieces.
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Thursday 05 February 2015
For such an innocent, well-intentioned object, the terrine is subject to a surprising amount of fear and suspicion. I think that people’s pre-conceptions of terrines are that they are: a) Fatty b) Set in spooky aspic and c) Fiddly to the point of ponciness to make.
Tuesday 03 February 2015
I’ve noticed that a strange blindness sometimes comes over me when shopping for Asian ingredients. Usually I’m a stickler for reading everything on the label of packaged ingredients, not being wild about the unnecessary preservatives, corn syrup, trans fats, flavour enhancers and general gunk that find their way in there. But I’ll often buy sauces from the Asian grocer without a second glance at their ingredients, mostly because I assume there is no alternative and greed gets in the way of righteous living , sometimes because I’ve forgotten my glasses.
Tuesday 13 January 2015
Everyone has moments in life that they never, ever forget - and biting into my first porchetta roll on a roadside in Italy is one of those for me. It was amazingly delicious, and the experience was made all the more intense by the insalubrious surrounds - a quiet country road outside Arezzo that was lined with hookers, believe it or not.