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sophie gilliatt and katherine westwood are the dinner ladies. we love to cook food that makes people happy - and want to share what we know about stress-free cooking.
Tuesday 24 May 2016
We’re all a bit salad-happy here at the moment. Summer may, at last, be over, but we’re still craving the freshness, health-giving qualities and general zippiness of fresh, raw vegetables and leaves, put together with a few other interesting ingredients and a bit of care. Lunch, in particular, says salad time to us, especially a salad that can be packed in a container – or a jar, for the terminally on-trend – and taken to work or school. The sturdier leaves and vegetables available at this time of year call out for big flavours and robust dressings and can even handle being dressed ahead of time – a bonus when you’re making a salad that needs to travel.
Monday 16 May 2016
We love breakfast. We love the clean slate of a new food day. We love cereal, berries, yoghurt and oaty-grainy-nutty things. We love protein, vegies and eggy-bacony-smoked salmony things. Really, there's a lot of love here for a lot of different sorts of breakfasts. There's only one tiny problem with breakfast: the timing.