Got a question? Click here for Christmas FAQs
Q:When should I order?
A:Christmas orders are now open and close on Monday 14th December. The earlier your order, the more choice of delivery slots you'll have.
Q:When are Christmas deliveries?
A:Our Christmas menu will be delivered to you fresh between 22nd December and 24th December. You'll be able to choose your time slot when you order. You can also pick up from our kitchen at Unit 14, 30-32 Perry St, Matraville NSW 2036 up to 24 December. Just choose “click and collect” when you place your order.
Q:Why are the prawns and Christmas slaw not available in my area?
A:Due to their perishable nature, the Queensland cooked tiger prawns and Christmas slaw are only available to local Sydney deliveries or pick-ups at our Matraville location.
Q:Can I combine a Christmas delivery with my regular order?
A:We’re sorry but there’s no way of combining your fresh Christmas order with a frozen regular order. Our normal deliveries finish on 18th December. Christmas deliveries begin on 22nd December.
Q:What about that amazing Christmas pavlova, Then?
A:You can order the pavlova as part of a regular frozen order, any time from 11th November and keep it in the freezer to bake on Christmas Eve. (PS it's fabulous any time, not just at Christmas!) Because it needs to be transported and stored frozen, we can’t offer it on the fresh Christmas menu.
Q:Do I have to cook my Christmas dinner?
A:Some dishes are ready to go, others require finishing off or, like the turkey, full cooking. It’s always good to check the "more info" button on each dish where you'll find all the information you need under "prep, cook and serve".
Q:How many people does each dish serve?
A:Again, the "more info" button for each dish should tell you everything you need to know, under "sizes".
Q:How do I store my Christmas order?
A:Because the Christmas menu is all fresh and also because it's summer please make sure you transfer your food to your fridge as quickly as possible. The Christmas order comes in a foam box, rather than our usual cardboard, so you can also leave everything in the box and keep it topped up with ice – it really takes pressure off the overloaded Christmas fridge!
Q:My delivery is on the 22nd, will the food still be okay by Christmas?
A:We are very careful with menu selection and cooking, chilling and packaging methods to ensure your Christmas dinner is completely fresh and ready to finish off on 25th December. For this reason, a couple of more perishable items are not available for courier customers, including prawns. By the way, we package the prawns using modified atmosphere packaging – it keeps them crisp and fresh till you eat them at Christmas.
Q:I'm having an early Christmas, can I order in advance?
A:It's not possible to order early from the Christmas menu but we'll put a few Christmassy things (including the rolled turkey breast, gingerbread kits and that fabulous pavlova) on the menu in early December, to be ordered as part of a normal order. For everything else, we're making it as close to our fresh Christmas deliveries as possible, to ensure the best end result.
Q:I'm having a late Christmas, can I freeze these dishes?
A:It all depends on the dish – check the "more info" page and check the "prep, cook and serve" button. We'll let you know there whether a dish is suitable for freezing or not.
Q:Can I check on delivery ETAs?
A:Please call the office on 02 9666 4194 after 9am on your delivery day for an ETA. You will also receive an SMS on approach and another one after we have delivered your order.