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In Conversation with Adamo Pavirani from Adamo's Pasta

We've always wanted to offer fresh pasta on the menu - but it needed to be something special. After exhaustive testing (tough gig, we know, but someone had to do it) we came up with one clear winner. Adamo’s handcrafted pasta has a beautiful golden colour from good eggs, that incomparable wheaty smell of good semolina, a perfect, silky texture and tiny grooves in the ribbons to allow any sauce to cling to it.

Adamo Pavirani has been making pasta for over 30 years - at Adamo’s Pasta he’s committed to honouring the traditional art with a dose of creativity.

What inspired you to open Adamo’s Pasta?

I was inspired by my mum, a chef, who was known to make pasta for parent-teacher meetings during my primary school years. My parents met in Ravenna in Emilia Romagna where they owned a hotel. After moving to Australia, they owned a pasta business in Liverpool for over 30 years, but I felt a little bit restricted and wanted to start something on my own where I could experiment with pasta. In 2007, I opened Adamo’s Pasta in Rosebery. At first it was production only with a tiny takeaway out the front attracting long queues. We then opened a retail store and dining area next door in 2013.

Tell us about your pasta recipe.

All our flat pasta is 100% durum semolina with egg, olive oil and a pinch of salt. The water content depends on the season and on the day. On a cold winter’s day, we add more water and on a warm day we may not have to add water depending on the humidity. Our extruder is completely custom made to create the small grooves in our pasta. Our ravioli is a mix of durum semolina and wheat flour to provide more elasticity.

What’s your bestseller?

From our range of fresh pasta, it’s definitely the pappardelle and fettuccine. But my personal favourite is our beef and mortadella tortellini. Whether served in a simple broth or with ragu, you just can’t go wrong.

Got any tips for making pasta at home?

While we make our pasta here with durum semolina, at home it’s easier to work with 00 flour. I usually go with 1 egg to 100g of flour with the last egg only the yolk, plus a dash of olive oil. I also like to start in a bowl and then move the dough to the table after it has come together a bit more.

Do you ever get bored of pasta?

I never get bored. Pasta is like a blank canvas to an artist. You can do anything with endless shapes and endless cuts.

Adamo’s fresh fettuccine is on our Specials menu this week, best paired with our ragu alla Bolognese or mushroom ragu.