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Dehydrating Your Dinner!

Being outside in nature is just so good for you - we've always known it, and more and more studies are proving it.  And I reckon the longer you are out there, the better it gets - that's why I've always loved bushwalking.

Being weighed down with too much heavy stuff is a definite no-no - so that's why dehydrating your dinner will put much more spring in your step!

Our ragu alla Bolognese dehydrates beautifully for hiking trips.  Out on the track, you just need to rehydrate, cook your rice or pasta, and a delightful dinner is done!  When choosing things to dehydrate, bear in mind that it will work better with mince or lentil dishes - large lumps of stuff won't dry all the way to the centre.  Once fully dehydrated, food will keep for a very long time with no need for refrigeration - bugs need water to survive and grow.


So, here's how - spread your chilled ragu alla Bolognese in thin layers in your dehydrator - one litre of sauce over at least three layers.  Turn up to high, and leave running for at least 10 hours - overnight works well.  If there is any danger of flies getting at it, cover the machine - an old fashioned mesh food umbrella works - just make sure it's well ventilated and no fabric is touching the hot part of the machine.

When your ragu is hard and dry, let it cool and then pack it into zip-lock bags.

Out bush, boil a billy and pour enough over your ragu to cover.  Put a lid on, and let it sit while you cook your pasta in another pot.  Once the pasta is cooked, set it aside, then put the ragu on the heat and cook till it's hot and bubbling.

It'll be just what you need after a long day's walk.