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Our new woolly liners have many uses!


For many years here at the Dinner Ladies we packed all our deliveries into white foam boxes.  I remember the first time I came across wool liners to insulate cardboard boxes for food deliveries - it was in England.  It took ages for them to arrive in Australia, but now that they have, we've leapt on them.  While I don't want to entirely bag out our old foam boxes - they have served us very well, and we couldn't have grown our home-delivered food business without them - I'm thrilled that we can now deliver our food in a box that is entirely bio-degradable.

And it's given me the impetus to crack on with a quilting project that has been festering in a cupboard for ages. I have a tragic and deeply unfashionable obsession with floral fabrics of every kind and am making a quilt out of they many types I have collected over the years.  I've been working on it for some time - every time I get it out, my husband makes disparaging remarks about how he's dreading the nightmares that will come if he's ever made to sleep under it - so usually, I wilt, and put it away again...

But the new woolly liners - fabulous as a quilt filler - have inspired me!  Watch this space!