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Decluttering your freezer for Christmas!

With the holiday season cantering towards us in its reindeer-powered sleigh, it’s time to clear every inch of freezer space for stocking up on delicious summer dinners and festive goodies. Watch our short video for some tips and inspiration… and no judgey thoughts, please! Just because we enjoy making delicious frozen dinners, doesn’t mean we’re always perfectly organised with our own freezers! We can be as bad at forgetting to label containers as the next person-in-a-perpetual-hurry. 
No one likes food waste, so set aside a week to clear your freezer shelves and eat up what was hidden in there – once you’ve defrosted and identified it! Now’s the time to finally make morning-tea banana bread and breakfast smoothies with all those over-ripe bananas you’ve got stashed away. Good luck!